Musical Memeology

Are you in search of that perfect .gif??

  • exploding piano .gif to celebrate your latest mic-drop Facebook comment?

  • ...a smoldering glance .gif to text your crush?

  • ...a disco-fabulous high-five to post in your group chat?

  • ...spider piano fingers to represent the struggles of that nasty Chopin etude?

We've got you covered!

Flight of the Bumblebee - Death Glare Emoji.gif

Click through the badass, off-the-wall, romantic, freaky, piano-tastic, and all-around fun categories below to find the perfect .gif for every occasion:

Check back often! We'll add new .gifs to the categories above for each new music video we release.

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We'd LOVE to see where these .gifs end up. Feel free to tag us in your social media posts or send us screenshots of your most clever and creative use of our .gifs. Ready, set, meme! 😆

RoS - piano in flames.gif