Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring DVD available for sale

Looking to cozy up with your loved ones this holiday season? You're in luck — we've already drawn up a fire... a 140-year-old piano ablaze in the desert, in fact.

Our film "The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey" is finally available for sale on CDBaby.com. The music video fuses a ferocious dueling piano performance of Igor Stravinsky's 35-minute masterwork with an epic tale of soul-searching and survival, culminating in the sacrificial destruction of an ancient piano. Since 2013 when we uploaded the film to YouTube in 10 episodes, we've made countless adjustments to the work and presented it at multiple film festivals. Now, we're excited to release the complete, definitive version to the public.

In addition to the film itself, the DVD includes a 30-minute documentary featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews entitled "Chronicles of the Rite."

It's the perfect holiday gift for friends and family! Purchase the DVD here.

Join us under the stars at the Wine Country Film Festival!

You’re sitting in a vineyard under the stars with wine in hand, attending…
… none other than a live Anderson & Roe performance and a world premiere film event!

How did this come to be?

In 2012, we dove headfirst into our most ambitious and exciting project to date — a grand culmination of love, labor, and lost limbs (well, toenails): The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey. The project propelled our imagination to new heights and took us filming all over America, and three crazy years later, we're thrilled to announce the music video has been selected to receive its world premiere as a highlight film in the 2015 Wine Country Film Festival in Sonoma!

As a featured event, this won't be like any other premiere. Instead of sandwiching our movie amongst a host of other films in a stuffy theater in the middle of the afternoon, we'll be screening outdoors under the stars in a vineyard at the Valley of the Moon Cinema on Deerfield Ranch Winery. We'll begin with a half-hour duo performance on a beautiful concert grand piano, generously donated by Steinway, while prepping for some of the provocative themes presented in Stravinsky’s music. After which: the world premiere of the entire film on a huge movie screen (a dream come true!), a clip from Chronicling the ‘Rite’ (our behind-the-scenes featurette), and a Q&A session.

It's sure to be a grand celebration! Come early to visit the gourmet food trucks... and we plan to party hard afterwards. In fact, we encourage you to make a day (or weekend getaway!) of it.

  • Saturday, September 19
  • Food + wine trucks open at 6:00p.m.
  • Event begins at 7:00p.m.
  • Bring blankets or low-back chairs
  • Tickets here

We hope to see you there, with a glass of wine in each hand. ;) 

A&R in the Press Democrat

With their electrifying interpretations of classical music, it could be said that Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe four-handedly set the keyboard on fire. Literally.

Just a snippet from the fantastic article in the Press Democrat, previewing next week’s exciting upcoming premiere of The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey at the Wine Country Film Festival on Sept. 19! Check out our latest blog post for more details on the event.

Rite: The Sacrifice. Episode 10 and beyond...

After months of planning, recording, filming, and editing, we proudly present to you the 10th and final episode of our "Rite of Spring" project:

We revealed a few wild production notes in our recent Gramophone blog, and Greg wrote about the 135-year-old organ that we sacrificially destroyed here.

More pertinent, perhaps, is what comes next! The film wasn't originally designed to be split into installments, but we also knew our YouTube subscribers might be overwhelmed by a 35-minute-long extravaganza. As such, we decided to divide the work into 10 episodes, which we've posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

But now we're working toward our ultimate vision: a seamless, engrossing, and dramatic film — "The Rite of Spring: A Musical Odyssey." We strung the episodes together and re-edited everything; we've re-shot scenes, restructured concepts, and revised and fine-tuned the editing. We are super excited to show you, our fans, the entire film, but we have other ambitions to tackle first. We're currently applying to a handful of carefully selected film festivals, and later we plan to create a DVD/blu-ray version of the film, complete with directors commentary and a behind-the-scenes documentary. Stay tuned for more developments... ;-)