The Mozart Anthology


For those of you who delight in physical, hold-it-in-your-hands sheet music, we’re so pleased to announce “The Mozart Anthology” is available now on This new 74-page score compilation features five of our favorite Mozart arrangements, fantasies, and showpieces for piano duo (all freshly edited, revised, and in some cases rewritten).

You may already be familiar with these arrangements from our Steinway Label albums, When Words Fade and An Amadeus Affair, but it has taken us nearly a decade to find time between tours to commit the works to paper. They range widely in mood and style (from structurally literal to irreverently off-the-wall), but each arrangement contains every bit of the mischief, vivacity, and joy that make Mozart’s music so irresistible. 🤗 

Having performed some of these works more than 10 years, we’ve tested these arrangements extensively. We’ve rewritten some of the most unplayable passages, threw in a few fingerings for the barely playable ones, and fixed an embarrassing compositional flaw or two. Not to mention, this edition is much easier to read than our earlier micro-print scores (so sorry!). 😅🙌

We’re delighted to once again be celebrating the music of Mozart. Mix up a refreshing Amadeus Affair cocktail and join us in toasting one of the greatest geniuses in history. Prost!

Celebrate Beethoven's birthday with these new scores for piano duo

Among performing, traveling, video-making, and announcing our New Music • New Video composition competition, we've also managed to put the finishing touches on four new piano duo scores:

Last month we performed our dreamy, mobile-inspired four-hand arrangement of Brahms' Lullaby on Performance Today. Watch our performance here, starting at 17:53. To mark the occasion, we've released score to the public.

To celebrate the holiday season, we've released our arrangement of "Ave Maria" (arranged for piano—four hands). And we found two Beethoven symphony scores (both arranged for two pianos) to make available in celebration of Beethoven's 247th birthday!

May many sparkling piano duets ring out this weekend in his honor. 🎶

"Sleigh Ride" Score on Sale

Autumn is but a twinkle in our eye, but we swear we hear sleigh bells jingling! No wonder: our rollicking two-piano arrangement of Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” has been published by Alfred Music. If we do say so ourselves, our novel, jazzy interpretation of this classic carol is the only surefire way for you to make a splash at all those two-piano Christmas parties you’ll be attending. ;) 

For a reminder of what a ride on our sleigh looks like, check out last year’s music video (and no, you don’t need 8 pianos to pull it off).

Anderson & Roe, Music Editors?

We've entered the daunting world of music editing. After so many years of frustration with various music editors – "is that a dot or a dash?" "did the composer really write forte here?" – we're not sure what we were thinking, but we've given it our best shot! We're proud to present our edition of the Mozart/Busoni Duettino Concertante. We've filled the score of this deceptively challenging (but awesome) work with numerous tips and tricks to enhance playability, and we even added a jumbo-sized foreward of pertinant historical information.

You can purchase the score by clicking the image below or visiting your favorite sheet music store.